The results are in! 20,000 homes in Oakleigh Ward and beyond have had the opportunity to respond, and it's been wonderful hearing from so many of you. I'll make it my mission to respond to your feedback in 2018.

I asked 8 simple questions which will help to guide my work on Council in 2018 and beyond. I'm always happy to hear from you at any time, so don't hesitate to get in touch with your ideas.


80% of you supported Council acquiring land to increase our public open space, and 78% of you supported Council aiming to increase our tree canopy cover even if it meant tighter controls relating to trees on privately-owned land.


84% of you supported the introduction of a zero net carbon emissions target for Council, and 72% of you thought Council should divest from fossil fuels.


When asked to chose a top priority for transport investment, 42% chose pavements and walking paths, 33% chose cycling infrastructure, and 25% chose local roads.


52% of respondents said that Council should advocate on behalf of residents on important social issues, while 24% said that we should not. It's likely this depends on the issue. 66% supported Council developing a new Reconciliation Action Plan.